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What do Revenants read off?

Did you mean read or feed? In the book Storm Thief, there are Revenants. I think they get their energy from the souls of the humans they possess.
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Who is stronger Darth Vader or Darth reven?

In all technicality, Darth Vader is stronger. The Skywalker bloodline is, according to the original storyline, the strongest line of force users. According to the movies, Vade ( Full Answer )
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How do you unlock the revenant in Mass Effect 2?

Your character must be able to use machine guns (aka soldier). When you get to the derelict reaper halfway through the game, you are allowed to choose either another weapon ty ( Full Answer )
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What was the last episoid of that's so reven?

Season 4 Episode 22: Where there is Smoke. All about Cindy smoking and Corey tryna stop her. But gets in trouble. Youtube it.
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How do you handle a narcissist who wants reven?

Expose them for the loosers they are, then laugh at them. If they get violent, punch their lights out using the anger they have created in you through all the lies, cheating, ( Full Answer )
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What you get when you revenant in RuneScape?

Revenants drop on rare occasions degradable Pvp armor, like Vesta and Statius. Formerly, you could only get such a drop from other players in Bounty Hunter and PvP-worlds. The ( Full Answer )
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What is the meaning revenant and for what?

The term revenant is defined as the return of someone after a lengthy absence, or returning after death. It comes from the French work revenir, meaning to return.