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What is reverberation?

Reverberation happens when reflections of a sound joins up with the original sound, so it seems prolonged. A reverberation is created from the reflecting surface when a sound (MORE)
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What is reverberate?

The meaning of the word reverberate is to resound or re-echo. Thisapplies to noise, as in a sound that repeats over again.
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What is a sentence for reverberate?

Yeah please I also need help with the same question..? Please consider giving us the answers.. reverberate means to echo or resound so you could say........... As i was walkin (MORE)
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What is a reverberating circuit?

a closed circuit, in which the signal continually travels around a circular path over and over until one of the components (usually neurons) stops functioning and the signal i (MORE)
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How do you reduce reverberation?

Reverberation can be reduced by varios methods: 1:Hang up heavy drapes from the ceiling to the floor. 2:Coverhard floors with thick carpet. 3:Install acoustical ceiling tiles (MORE)
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When was reverberation invented?

hi guys, come on, everyone knows how reverb was invented! its was invented but Charles mcdermott in 1982, he was a lad. he realizesed he sounded different in the shower (MORE)
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What are the examples of reverberation?

Reverberation, or Reverb for short, is a dispersing effect as the sound waves bounce off multiple hard surfaces they then collide and the waves ripple creating essentially a " (MORE)
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Why does reverberation occur?

It means to echo, such as sound. If you mean to ask why it occurs,it is because surface reflects the sound waves. As a guess, imagine a recessed field and buildings or a pond (MORE)