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Who is the Reverend Goel Bergado Bagundol?

Rev. Goel B. Bagundol is a minister of the gospel of the United Church of Christ in the Philippines. He served as Intern Pastor in UCCP Talisayan and been an administrative M (MORE)

Is Reverend Isaac Douglas alive?

No Reverend Isaac Douglas. Some reverend. I remember this poor example of christianity from the 1970s in Nashville, TN, when he and his cronies seduced teenage boys to his apa (MORE)
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What is a Reverend Monsignor?

A Reverend Monsignor is a title given to a priest by the Vatican. His bishop must request this honor of the Holy Father, it is usually given in recognition of outstanding work (MORE)

What is the difference between a Reverend and a Canon?

  When someone is ordained a deacon or priest they are given the title 'Reverend' unless they are Roman Catholic and then they are usually given the title 'Father'. So any (MORE)

Are there Reverends in the Catholic church?

  Answer:   Yes.   Deacons are formally addressed as Reverend Mister......   Priests are formally addressed as Reverend Father   Monsignors are formally addres (MORE)

What is the difference between the titles Reverend and Very Reverend?

A Reverend is a priest or minister in a variety of denominational traditions; a Very Reverand is more tradition specific. In Anglicanism, Very Reverand refers to a priest who (MORE)

Can you legally call yourself reverend?

You can call yourself anything you want. What you can't do is profit on a title that requires a license. You'll have to check your own state laws but in some the title "revere (MORE)

Is the title Reverend Bible Based?

Not as men apply it to refer to another man in a "religious" capacity, as some men label certain leaders of certain professing Christian denominations [i.e. Reverend Jones or (MORE)