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Is it possible to revitalize an old town?

Yes, but there are many factors involved in the liveliness of a town, so it can be very difficult to get the revitalization to work. Significant factors in making a town liv (MORE)
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How is revitalizing used in a sentence?

  When something is revitalizing, it is invigorating or refreshing. For example, "I just took a revitalizing shower and now I feel very refreshed."
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What is cultural revitalization?

Cultural revitalization is a process of promoting and recognizing  the cultural identity which is lost throughout time and is on the  verge of dying. It is the key in keepin (MORE)
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Is Memory Revitalizer a scam?

No, Memory reVITALIZER is a clinically used supplement and patented with the US Patent office. I was Formulated by a real physician William K Summers, MD. The Research behind (MORE)
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What is Revital and who can take it?

Revital is a brand of food supplement marketed by Ranbaxy. It is available in India as well as some other countries in Africa, APAC region. Revital is a combination of ginseng (MORE)