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What is cultural revitalization?

Cultural revitalization is a process of promoting and recognizing  the cultural identity which is lost throughout time and is on the  verge of dying. It is the key in keepin (MORE)

What is Neighborhood revitalization?

Neighborhood revitalization is the idea of enhancing neighborhood resources, economic development, public services, and the quality of life for residents. These goals are usua (MORE)
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What is Revital and who can take it?

Revital is a brand of food supplement marketed by Ranbaxy. It is available in India as well as some other countries in Africa, APAC region. Revital is a combination of ginseng (MORE)

How you Revitalize Pakistan?

Let democracy run it's course, strenghten the courts and the  democratic process. In the mean time, deal with the security  situation, and gradual steps to get rid of the en (MORE)