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What is revival in Christendom?

Send Revival Lord . Revival is a quickening of the spirit and a conscience awakening of the mind of a man by the Spirit of God towards God and all that He is..
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What is revival?

i dont know what it means.... man i needed the answer for my hw. owell. ___________________________________. it means. God is desiring to sweep across our land in revival ( Full Answer )
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What is a revival?

A revival is a series of church services held in concession. Mosttimes, a revival will be held for 5 days straight. The revival isto help revive the members of the church.
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Why does Blaze revive or How she revive?

Actually,if I'm getting my facts right,Blaze never truly dies in sonic '06,she gets teleported back to her original dimension somehow.(which is probably the dimension from ( Full Answer )
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What was revivalism?

Revivalism is a renewed spiritual interest in the Christian faith.Revivalism is the name for periods in the church that saw massconversions to the faith and a higher interest ( Full Answer )
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How can a church be revived?

The church can be revived because the realization of the old churches were built upon older ruins of ancient pagan temples from the period of the hellenists so bringing back a ( Full Answer )
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How did deidara revived?

Kabuto Yakushi resurrected Deidara, along with Itachi , Nagato , Kakuzu , and Sasori , through the Summoning: Impure World Resurrection , as a demonstration of Kabuto's ( Full Answer )
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How is Sonic revived?

You mean in Sonic the hedgehog 2006? Princess Elise says a prayer, and, with the help of the Chaos Emeralds, her kiss revives Sonic and transforms him into Super Sonic. Afte ( Full Answer )
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How do you revive someone?

You cannot revive somone from the dead, it is impossible as far as I know.
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Is revive a verb?

Yes, it is a form of the verb "to revive." It means to recover orto restore.