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What does revived mean?

It means brought back to life. It comes from the Latin word vivere which means to live. It is thus related to words such as vivisection, vivid, or revival.
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What is revival?

i dont know what it means...   man i needed the answer for my hw   owell   ___________________________________   it means   God is desiring to sweep across our (MORE)

Why does Blaze revive or How she revive?

Actually,if I'm getting my facts right,Blaze never truly dies in sonic '06,she gets teleported back to her original dimension somehow.(which is probably the dimension from son (MORE)

What was revivalism?

Revivalism is a renewed spiritual interest in the Christian faith.  Revivalism is the name for periods in the church that saw mass  conversions to the faith and a higher int (MORE)

When will the economy revive?

Short answer: in much of the world, the recession is already over, but telling how quickly a recession will end is difficult to figure out (and has no real definite answer). (MORE)

Is revival biblical?

Great question - one that I found asking myself today after hearing a message about revival. The message was indeed horrible because the text the preacher used had nothing to (MORE)