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How microprocessor revolutionized the computer industry?

Today's computer would be nothing like it is now without the microprocessor. Most every electronic device has a microprocessor in it, from garage door openers, to remote contr (MORE)
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What invention revolutionized the world?

There are thousands, but I'd say the main ones are electricity, telephone, automobiles, and computers, which all, by the way, are involved with ELECTRICITY.
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How did liszt revolutionize the piano?

Liszt was one of the greatest promoters of the piano solo performance. He was the first to start positioning the piano on stage so that the right profile of the pianist would (MORE)

How did gunpowder revolutionize world history?

Gunpowder made it possible to use in cannons, which had a more far-reaching expanse than in any previous modern use; it was also sold to Indians, for a profit to the settlers (MORE)

Who revolutionized the computer industry?

Many people could be said to have revolutionised the computer industry. Many different inventions have been created that affect the computer industry. Many discoveries and dev (MORE)

How will PCR revolutionize microbiology?

PCR, unlike culture, does not require viable (live) bacteriapresent in the specimen. Results can be had in 2-3 hours instead of24-36 hours. Despite these advantages, PCR can g (MORE)