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What does revulsion mean?

It is practically synonymous with repulsion : it is a reaction of extreme aversion or disgust.
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Is eizo still in Assassins Creed revulsion?

Okay, first off I'm tired of you guys getting the name wrong. It's REVELATION. But to answer you question, yes that old guy is still Ezio at about the age of 50.
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What animal makes many people feel revulsion?

People can hate animals for many different reasons, sometimes outof fear or repulsion, other times because of bad memories. Oneanimal that causes repulsion in most people is t (MORE)
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What actors and actresses appeared in Revulsion - 2013?

The cast of Revulsion - 2013 includes: Chris DePierro as The cop 2 Grace Foltz as The daughter Ilinca Kiss as Rachael Dorien Makhloghi as Robert Krin Marcello as The cop 1 Olf (MORE)
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How many revulsions does a tire 275 80R22.5 make in one minute?

It is unknown how many revolutions a 275/80R 22/ 22.5 tire makes in one minute. It all depends on who is driving and how far they go. This answer is wrong! If this tire is go (MORE)