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How do you rewind a 3-phase ac motor?

Just as there are car engine and gearbox re-build workshops, there are specialist firms who have the necessary expertise and equipment to do motor rewinds. You could ask them (MORE)

What are the skills needed to do motor rewinding?

YOU NEED CONSETRATION AND NEAT. It helps tremendously to have had electrical training in areas such as electric motors,  Basic AC and DC theory, and machine shop. As with an (MORE)
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Cassette deck has no fast forward or rewind?

You have a broken belt: you can either take it to a repair man, or (if you're confident enough about fixing things yourself), open it up and replace it. You needn't buy a repl (MORE)

What are the steps in rewinding of three phase motor?

1. Remove the Rotor 2. Study the old winding terminals. 3. Cut the old windings in order to count the incircuit one; also use micrometer screw guage to measure the diameter of (MORE)

What is rewind on DJ hero 2 and how do you use it?

Rewind does exactly what the word means, nothing extra. Its used to rewind to play a part of the song over to score more pts. First you have to keep a streak going until a gre (MORE)
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What is a component of a rope rewind starter system?

So what are the following choices? Upon pulling the rope, one or more wings (typically 3 ) extend out and into holes on a cup, mount on the crankshaft, turning the motor. When (MORE)
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What does the phrase 'be kind rewind' mean?

Back in the days of VHS tapes, "Be Kind, Rewind" was a phrase commonly used by video rental stores to remind customers to rewind the tape after they had finished watching it. (MORE)

What is YouTube Rewind?

YouTube Rewind is an annual year-in-review done by YouTube. It is a  video that parodies many of the year's top trending videos and  moments.
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