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Who is Rebecca Harrison?

Rebecca Harrison is an author who lives in the northwest portion of  the United States. She was born and grew up in the state of Oregon.  She earned a Masters in Education f (MORE)

What is 'rex regorum'?

The phrase 'rex regorum' is incorrect. The phrase is from the ancient, classical Latin, which is a language that uses case endings. In this specific example, the word 'rex', w (MORE)

Who is James Harrison?

He is a defensive linebacker for the Pittsburgh Steelers. He holds the record for the longest play in Super Bowl history. In Super Bowl XLIII, he intercepted a pass by Kurt Wa (MORE)

How is Harrison in Harrison Bergeron different from John in By the Waters of Babylon?

Harrison is a physically powerful young man that breaks out of society's grasp, but is then killed by the Handicpper General.  John is a spiritually powerful young man who br (MORE)

What are the literary elements in 'Oedipus Rex'?

Sophocles included many literary devices that helped tell the  story. The most used literary device in the play is dramatic irony.  Another literary device used by Sophocles (MORE)

Are t-rex bones hollow?

Yes they are hollow like a birds bones. which indicates that a  dinosaur was more bird than reptile after all but some had bones  that were not hollow.
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