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What is rhapsody?

  Rhapsody, in terms of music, is a form of irregularity. It may be melodious at times, but it is usually composed of many chords and notes that ultimately form to produce (MORE)

Is cox's rhapsody on the TV or computer?

  It's an online application for running on a computer. It offers streaming audio and (for a small price) mp3 files for downloading.
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What does 'rhapsody ' mean?

it means symphony of cultures around the world. (any1 really no wat it meens? or is this really wat it meens?)
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Is rhapsody good?

Yes, in my opinion it seems to work very well, but i find it incompatible with an iPod nano, which is very frustrating.

How do you unsubscribe to rhapsody?

  Visit the Customer Support Contact page for Rhapsody at http:/, then click the link under the Cancel Membership headin (MORE)
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Does rhapsody have viruses?

No Rhapsody itself does not have viruses. However it is possible  that the ads that display on Rhapsody may cause viruses.