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Where does the river Rhine flow?

The river Rhine flow from the Swiss Alps to the North Sea. The Rhine initially flows north into the Bodensee (a lake) which is on the border of Austria, Germany and Switzer (MORE)

Why is the river Rhine called the Rhine?

The modern descendant of the name is found in Italian as Reno derived from Latin Rhenus. The Old English name was Rin, The Dutch Rijn and the Old German Rinaz. Other old names (MORE)

Where is the River Rhine?

The Rhine is one of the longest and most important river in Europe. It runs for over 820 miles (1,320 kilometres) from its source in the in the Swiss Alps issuing from the Rhe (MORE)

What is Rhine?

The Rhine is a river that originates in the Alps in Switzerland and runs into the North Sea. It is Europe's busiest river and is 1320 km long. It has a drainage basin of 18500 (MORE)

How did Over-the-Rhine get its name?

From the 19th Century German immigrants who called Cincinnati's Miami Canal in joke, the German Rhine River (Uber'm Rhein) over which they had to walk to reach their place of (MORE)

Where is the Rhine river?

The River Rhine starts in Tomasee, Surselva in Switzerland and goes through Switzerland, Belgium, Germany (Rhineland) and the mouth is in Holland at the North sea.
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The Rhine River is found in?

western Europe formed by the confluence of two tributaries in eastern Switzerland and flowing about 1,319 km (820 mi) north and northwest through Germany and the Netherlands t (MORE)