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Why is the White Rhinoceros called a White Rhinoceros?

A popular theory of the origins of the name White Rhinoceros is a mistranslation from Dutch into Afrikaans and English. The Afrikaans word "wit", meaning "white" in English is (MORE)

What adaptations does the rhinoceros have?

The name "Rhinoceros" refers to five extant species of odd-toed  ungulates in the family rhinocerotidae, two of which are native to  Africa and three to southern Asia. The J (MORE)

Are rhinoceros endangered?

yes they are Reasons for Endangerment Most of the time, rhinos sleep under trees. Now, they are to the point of extinction, because people are wiping out the trees on the Sav (MORE)

What country do the Rhinoceros come from?

There are five species of Rhinoceros, two which live in Africa, (the Black and White rhino) and the other three live in Asia. The Javan rhino lives in Vietnam and Java, the In (MORE)

What do a rhinoceros eat?

Grass and some leaves. Itdepends on what type we are talking about. Like the white rhinoceros eats sort grass, because he have a very wide lip. But the black rhinoceros eats l (MORE)

What is An fact about rhinoceros?

  I'll give you two: Rhinos have poor eyesight but acute sense of smell and hearing. This one I find rather amusing, but probably quite accurate: A group of Rhinos i (MORE)

What do rhinoceros eat?

all rhinos are usually vegetarian, White Rhinoceros are found in grassland and Savannah habitat. Herbivore grazers that eats grass, preferring the shortest grains. The White R (MORE)
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What is the diet of a rhinoceros?

rhinocerous's are herbivore's which means they eat plants and fruits etc   hope this helps   samsami
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How do rhinoceros play?

Rhinos don't really play often but sometimes, young rhinos can be  seen jumping around in the water and splashing each other. They  also play fight in a manner similar to do (MORE)