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Do rhinoceros vipers have eyelids?

No, snakes do not have eyelids. Instead, they have eye caps to protect their eyes. That's why their eyes are always open, even when they sleep.
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Are rhinoceros endangered?

yes they are Reasons for Endangerment Most of the time, rhinos sleep under trees. Now, they are to the point of extinction, because people are wiping out the trees on the Sav (MORE)

What country do the Rhinoceros come from?

There are five species of Rhinoceros, two which live in Africa, (the Black and White rhino) and the other three live in Asia. The Javan rhino lives in Vietnam and Java, the In (MORE)

Why are white rhinoceros endangered?

It was heavily hunted for trophies, and for its horn. In some societies the horn is considered to have medicinal properties, and in other it's highly sought after for ornament (MORE)

What did the woolly rhinoceros eat?

There is controversy over what they actually ate. But research had found the browsing and grazing are both plausible. Probably grasses, and branches from different trees. My g (MORE)

How do rhinoceros play?

Rhinos don't really play often but sometimes, young rhinos can be  seen jumping around in the water and splashing each other. They  also play fight in a manner similar to do (MORE)

What are the names of body parts on a rhinoceros?

The Rhinoceros is closely related to the horse and tapir. They have hooved feet 3 toes each, short legs, a short tail, gray hairless skin stronger yet quite similar to an elep (MORE)

Which country does a rhinoceros live in?

There are 5 species of Rhinoceros, each living in a different area: The White Rhinoceros - These are normally found in one of five countries, all in Africa, South Africa, Nam (MORE)