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Is a rhododendron poisonous to pets?

All parts of Rhododendrons are toxic to animals if ingested. Symptoms include vomiting, diarrhea, hypersalivation, weakness, coma, hypotension, CNS depression, cardiovascular (MORE)
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Do squirrels eat rhododendrons?

They're eating mine as we speak. Climbing up on the branches and  cutting leaves at the stem. They've practically rtuined one and are  moving to the next. Help!
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Why do leaves fall of rhododendrons?

  Rhodendrons are evergreen so this means that they carry leaves all the year round. As all leaves have a natural lifespan the shrub will continue to lose leaves 12 months (MORE)
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When do you trim rhododendrons?

Prune rhododendron soon after they finish blooming to avoid loosing flowers the following year. They start producing new flower buds for the next year several weeks after they (MORE)

Are rhododendrons deciduous?

Rhododendrons are not deciduous. The definition of deciduous is when a tree or a bush loses it's leaves at the endof a growing season.
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What country do rhododendron come from?

Rhododendrons do not come from a single country.  Instead they come from areas south of the Himalayas such as Tibet or Nepal.
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Why are your rhododendron leaves turning brown?

Rhododendron leaves turning brown could be caused by too much sun  or wind damage. Providing protection from the sun and wind and  continued browning is happening, it could (MORE)
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What is the symbol of Rhododendron?

Rhododendrons are the national symbol of Nepal. Being a weaker type of plant, Rhododendrons die easily and is usually symbolized as death or decay in Northlandic religions.
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