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What rhymes with be?

be, bee, fee, flea, flee, free, glee, knee, pea, pee, plea, sea, see, she, ski, spree, tea, tee, the, thee, three, tree, we, ye, agree, artsy, banshee, Capri, debris, decree, (MORE)

What rhymes with in?

Win, tin, pin, din(noise), sin, bin, kin (family), fin. Been, chin, gin, grin, inn, shin, skin, spin, thin, twin, when, akin, begin, chagrin, has been, have been, straight p (MORE)
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What is rhyming about?

Rhyming is all about trying to relate to something that a reader can relate to like using simile's such as "Run like the wind" It also uses word images that can help the reade (MORE)

What rhymes with can?

Ban, Stan, van, nan, Dan, pan, ran, Jan, man, land, fan, Nan, span, scan, tan, Gran, plan, an, bran, Ann, Anne, Fran man, fan, pan, etc. an ban Dan fan Jan man pan ran (MORE)

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What rhymes with me?

Bee, fee, flea, flee, free, gee, he, key, knee, pea, plea, see,  sea, she, ski, tee, tea, thee, tree, and we are just some of the  many, many words that rhyme with me.
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What rhymes with not?

Pot, lot, dot, cot, mot, thought, fought, bought, forgot, hot, Scot, snot, slot, shot, rot, got, plot, hot, fraught, brought, caught, sot, shot, spot, knot, robot, jot, tot sn (MORE)

What rhymes with how?

Cow, bow, now, wow, pow, endow, chow. Allow, avow, bough, bow, brow, chow, cow, disavow, endow, frau, kowtow, now, ow, plough, plow, pow, row, slough somehow, sow, thou, vow (MORE)

What is rhyming?

When you say a series of words that sound the same (or when you say  multiple sentences that end with words that sound alike).    Example:    Bob was a man.  (MORE)