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Is Elizabeth Taylors grandson rhys last name Tivey?

Yes. She has two grandsons with the last name Tivey. Quinn and Rhys are their names and their mother is Liza Todd Burton which is Elizabeth Taylor's daughter.
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Does Jonathan rhys Meyers have any scars?

  Yes, several. The most noticeable one runs from the bottom of his sternum to his bellybutton, resulting from an emergency perforated ulcer surgery a few years ago. He ha (MORE)

Who is Jonathan rhys Meyers dating?

Jonathan Rhys-Meyers has been dating long time girlfriend Reena Hammer. Rumors have been flying that the two have married, but there has been no official word on it yet.
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Does Jonathan rhys Meyers smoke?

Jonathan Rhys Meyers reports that he is a smoker. He has been photographed both professionally and candidly smoking cigarettes.
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What does 1 and 1' mean?

When an offensive player who is not in the act of shooting is fouled, and the defensive team has exceeded the number of fouls allowed ( usually 7 ) The fouled player receives (MORE)
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When was 9-1-1 started?

9-1-1, usually pronounced Nine-One-One (unlike nine-eleven which is  pronunciation for the terror strikes), was introduced some time  around the middle seventies; maybe arou (MORE)

Is Matthew rhys married?

As of June 2014, Matthew Rhys has never been married. He is  currently dating the actress Kerry Russell.
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What are the codes for 1 on 1 soccer?

The Beatles team - thEbeAtleS The Rolling Stones team - thERStoNes Wall - floSATball Fly - flyiSgmoDE Bowling ball - bOwliSbaLl Tennis ball - teNniSbaLl Beach ball (MORE)
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What is gravida 1 para 1?

Agree... se below and anything less than 20 weeks is abortion, above 20 weeks regardless of the outcome is para. Gravida number of fertization, so it is posible for para=gravi (MORE)