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What are rhythms?

  Answer   Rhythm is a durational pattern of musical sounds and/or silences.
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What is poetry rhythm?

just the tone or rythm of the rhymes an iambic penameter's common poetic rythm is ababab or abcb defe
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What is an adverb for rhythm?

The noun rhythm has the adjective forms rhythmic or rhythmical. The  adverb form is "rhythmically."
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What is a biological Rhythm?

A biological rhythm is a pattern followed regularly by an organism, or, in rhythm is you will. Generally speaking, they can be cycles as simple as sleeping at specific times (MORE)
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What is the rhythm of pamulinawen?

Pamulinawen Pusok imdengam man Toy umas-asug Agrayo ita sadiam. Panunotem man Dika pagintultulngan Toy agayat, agruknoy ita emmam. Itdem ta diak kalipatan Ta n (MORE)
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What is the circadium rhythm?

It's actually the circadian rhythm-with an 'n' not 'm'. It is a mental, physical, and behavioral change within a 24 hour cycle depending on what the organism does between the (MORE)

What is a meter or Rhythm?

Meter has accents to organize the flow of time into groupings... Rhythm is the timing of events on a human scale; the meter of spoken language and poetry.
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