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What is scapulohumeral rhythm?

Scapulohumeral rhythm:   (describes the timing of movement at these joints during shoulder elevation.)   first 30 degrees of shoulder elevation involves a "setting phase (MORE)
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Why is rhythms important?

Rhythm is made up of sounds and silences.These sounds and silences are put together to form a pattern of sounds which create a rhythm.A rhythm has a steady beat.Rhythm is basi (MORE)
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What is progressive Rhythm?

From what I understand of it progressive rhythm is when you repeat a shape and it changes in some visual manner, like with colour, texture, size, etc. For example: Looking dow (MORE)

What is circadian rhythm?

Circadian rhythms are time schedules in which the body uses to  function. These schedules include sleeping and eating patterns,  patterns of bowel movement and urination, an (MORE)
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What is a biological Rhythm?

A biological rhythm is a pattern followed regularly by an organism, or, in rhythm is you will. Generally speaking, they can be cycles as simple as sleeping at specific times (MORE)

What is the rhythm of the tango?

Tango has many different rhythms. American tango uses a simplified set rhythm in what is called the basic step: Slow, Slow, Quick, Quick Slow. There are various "advanced pa (MORE)

How does rhythm have to do with math?

it doesn't but it is a proven fact that the human mind will work better in a set rhythm like boxers do everything that can to set the rhythm in a fight to give themselves an a (MORE)

What is rhythm and speech?

Rhythm consists of patterns of stressed and unstressed sound, and of longer and shorter sounds and silences. Rhythm is one of the fundamental qualities of music. It also appea (MORE)