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Who is the RIAA?

RIAA is responsible from all Gold, Platinum and Diamond recording awards, based completely on sales. Actually RIAA awards are not based on sales - they never have been. They a (MORE)

Who pays riaa-ascap licensing on a radio program broadcast at a station but produced elsewhere - the producer of the program or the radio station that broadcasts it?

That depends on who the show is being produced for. If the radio station is hiring the producer to create the program for their exclusive use then the station pays the licensi (MORE)
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What does RIAA stand for?

RIAA . ( Recording Industry Association of America , Washington, DC, A membership association of music recording companies. Its goal is to promote the record (MORE)

What artist earned the distinction of being awarded the first diamond album by the riaa?

According to the RIAA website: The first album to be certified as a diamond album was "Can't Slow Down" by Lionel Richie released in 1983 and certified in 1985 with 10 million (MORE)

How much can the RIAA sue for each downloaded song?

It depends on whether or not you use a P2P to download. If you don't use a P2P and all you do is download it without uploading to anyone else, they can sue only enough to put (MORE)
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Do djs need permission riaa to play copywritten music?

Disk Jockeys do indeed need a licence (and need to pay a fee for this licence) to play music which is copyrighted. If the DJ is playing at a club it will be the club that ho (MORE)
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Who is the RIAA responsible to?

The RIAA is responsible to its customers. They are an investment association in Australasia and act as an ethical bank. They take into account factors such as the environment (MORE)