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What does a World War 2 EAME Theater Ribbon with 4 bronze stars represent?

The ribbon is awarded to military personnel involved in WWII in the European Theater. The four bronze stars mean the person participated in four campaigns during that war. A c (MORE)

What do Bronze Stars on a World War 2 theater ribbon mean?

Bronze Stars on a World War II Campaign Ribbon  Each bronze star on the ribbon of a campaign medal or ribbon bar  represents a campaign that the wearer served in. When the w (MORE)

What do the colors on a World War 2 theater ribbon mean?

  The campaign ribbon for service in Europe is the European - African - Middle Eastern Campaign Medal. The ribbon for this medal is BROWN & GREEN with three sets of thin, (MORE)

What was developed during World War 2?

The Germans invented the Jet engine, the Americans invented nuclear weapons and radar, and many other things. Can't let this pass!! The jet (meaning here the turbo-jet) engine (MORE)
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