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What is Cliff Richards real name?

Harry Rodger Webb was his birth name. He became known Cliff Richard at age 17 and legally changed it to Cliff Richard (so technically that's his "real name" now) at age 39 whe (MORE)
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What is Cliff Richards doing now?

He is currently recording a new studio album. A duets album with various soul artists including Percy Sledge, The Stylistics and The Temptations. It will be released in Octo (MORE)
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What was Cliff Richard famous for?

Singing, songwriting, acting, charity work and being a business man.. He still tours and releases albums. He has sold over 300m records worldwide. he has sung some of the mo (MORE)
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Has Cliff Richard had a face lift?

No. He had botox in the late 90's but stopped due to his eyebrows drooping. He has never had any cosmetic surgery since.
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Cliff Richard - Are his parents anglo-indian?

his grandparents came from England and both his parents were born  in India, but they were British. CLiff is 2nd generation British.  He states in his latest book, not only (MORE)
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Who wote cliff richards hits?

Cliff Richards is a British singer, performer, and actor. He has sold 21 million units in the UK which makes him the third most selling artist in UK history. Sammy Samwell wro (MORE)