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Has Tom Daley ever had a girlfriend?

According to an interview, he did once have a girlfriend when he was 13, but the relationship didn't last long. At one point, Tom was not yet interested in having a relation (MORE)

Is the Daley middle school haunted?

Yes,it is HAUNTED.Upstairs near the computer lab and ramp there is a elevator that opens and closes by itself with no technical problems.Downstairs in the girls bathroom is in (MORE)

When did Tom Daley become a diver?

Tom Daley took a interest in diving when he was swimming with his dad at a local pool, at aged 7 & saw some people diving and he started diving after that.
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Who is Tom Daley?

Tom Daley is an 18 year old diver from Great Britain who specialises in the Men's 10m platform event. He is the 2nd youngest British Olympian of all time, behind the 13 year o (MORE)

How many terms did Richard J Daley serve?

Richard J. Daley served the following: Terms of Office 1st term: 1955-1959 2nd term: 1959-1963 3rd term: 1963-1967 4th term:1967-1971 5th term: 1971-1975 6th term: 1975-1976 (MORE)

Where did the brass band march The Waltonian by J. J. Richards get its name?

  I am given to understand that there used to be a famous travelling circus in America known as The Waltonian Circus. All circuses had their own residential band/orchestra (MORE)

What height does Tom Daley dive from?

He normaly dives from 10m meter platform. He does both single and syncro. In minor compotitions he will sometime compete in syncro 3m springboard
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