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When did Richard Nixon serve?

Richard Nixon was elected to the Presidency in 1968, beating Hubert Humphrey. He served his full term and was re-elected in 1972 beating Edmund Muskie. Although his second ter (MORE)

What ultimately happened to Richard Nixon?

He resigned in 1974 after the Watergate Scandal. After the resignation he left politics, and suffered a severe illness the following year. He later began writing books and mem (MORE)

How many children did Richard Nixon had?

Richard Nixon had three children: a boy named Nick, a girl named Angie and finaly a girl named Sue.
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What is true about the career of Richard Nixon?

Here are some true statements about Nixon's career:    Richard Nixon took both liberal and conservative positions on  issues.   Nixon pulled US troops out of Vietn (MORE)

Was Richard Nixon pro choice?

  Nixon was quietly pro-choice. He avoided addressing the question during his Presidency because he didn't have to. In the 1972 campaign, the Republicans called McGovern t (MORE)

Was Richard Nixon the gerber baby?

No, that's a myth. The original (and still the only) Gerber baby is Ann Turner Cook.
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What organization did Richard Nixon found?

Richard Nixon organized the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).  He also started the War on Drugs and created the first Earth Day.
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Why did Richard Nixon resgin his presidency?

Because of the Watergate Scandal. Nixon had denied any involvement in the break-ins into the Democrat Party Headquarters at the Watergate Complex, but the media soon discovere (MORE)