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Why is Lionel Richie so famous?

He was the lead singer for the Commodores, sold a ton of records, then went solo, and sold a ton more.
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Does Lionel Richie have biological children?

Yes, he does. He has two biological children: Miles Brockman and Sofia. He also has one adopted daughter, Nicole Camille Escovedo Richie, who also has children, making him a (MORE)

Did Richie Havens sing for McDonald's?

Yes. His version of "Here Comes the Sun" was used in a McDonald's TV commercial in the early 1970s.
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How and where did Lionel Richie die?

Some say he died with the 80's... not true, Mr. Richie is alive and well and continues to entertain in concerts everywhere. Go Lionel !
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What car does Richie Sambora drive?

He has a black Hummer. This is the car he was driving when he was arrested for DUI.
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Is Richie Sambora Italian?

He is mostly of Polish decent, but also has a bit of Italian in him (from his mother's side).
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Who is Richie the barber?

Richie the barber is a man of all talents but he is know more for his hair cuts and old school shaves i think every one should go at least one time to Richie the barber every (MORE)

Who is Richie Rich?

Richard Eichhorn, aka Richie Rich, is a fashion designer and former  figure skater (born November 11, 1970).    Richard Serrell, aka Richie Rich is a rapper from Oakla (MORE)