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Who was the original artist to be the first person to sing blue moon?

  Answer   Jean Harlow sang the original melody in 1933 written be Rodgers and Hart. The lyrics were suited for a prayer she was to sing. They later changed the lyric (MORE)

Who was the first rhythm and blues artist?

Roy Brown in 1947, with "Good Rocking Tonight." It was the first "jump blues" song sung Gospel style, creating a new genre called Rhythm and Blues. Wynonie Harris did a raunch (MORE)

Info on doll artist Halle Blakely?

  Although she was known as "Halle" in the doll making world, her proper first name was "Hazel" and the proper spelling of her last name was "Blakeley".   She was born (MORE)

What city was known as the Rhythm and Blues capitol of the world?

The designation of 'Rhythm and Blues Capitol of the World' has been  given and claimed by various American cities in past decades.  Perhaps the best claimant to the title wo (MORE)

What artists is associated with blues music?

W.C Handy wrote the first blues song "St. Louis Blues". Blues giants vary. I love Charley Patton playing behind his head that was acoustic. T-Bone Walker was one of the first (MORE)

What motivated the artist of 'Hall of the Bulls' to paint the painting?

The Great Hall of Bulls contains a large number of figures, painted over several centuries, if not millennia. Their meaning has been the object of much discussion, and histor (MORE)

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