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What is Alfre Woodard famous for?

Alfre Woodard is an American film, stage, and television actress. She is more famous for winning and being nominated for several awards include the Academy Award, Grammy Award (MORE)

What teams did Rickey Henderson play for?

Answer   1979-1984 Oakland Athletics   1985-1989 New York Yankees   1989-1993 Oakland Athletics   1993 Toronto Blue Jays   1994-1995 Oakland Athletics   19 (MORE)
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Dudley weldon woodard childhood?

  There is little or no information about Dudley Weldon Woodard's early childhood. That period was very difficult for Blacks who were seeking an education (see Plessy vs (MORE)

What was Rickey Henderson's jersey number?

Answer   1979-1984 Athletics #35   1985-1989 Yankees #24   1989-1993 Athletics #22 for 2-3 weeks following trade, then #24   1993 Blue Jays #14 for a week follow (MORE)

Did rickey Henderson die?

As of 2012 February, Henderson is still alive at age 53. Since he was able to steal 16 bases in professional baseball at age 46, it would be reasonable to assume that Henderso (MORE)

How did Woodard Wilson violated his neutrality?

Many believe he violated the neutrality of the United States by aiding the Allies of WWI by openly sending supplies, medicine and arms to the allied nations of WWI. Woodrow Wi (MORE)

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