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Who invented ricola?

In 1924, the Swiss family that founded the company that sells Ricola purchased a bakery. Among its products was: "... 'Hustenwohl, a cough drop made from soothing herbs to e ( Full Answer )
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Who is Maria in the Ricola commercial?

Her name is Maria Cecila Vicencio. A dancer from Buenos Aires, Argentina. ****************************************************************** Her name is Sofia Vergara (I ( Full Answer )
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Are Ricola coughdrops bad for a dog?

My little female Shih Zhu (4 yrs) ate 2 Ricola Cherry Honey coughdrops. The only active ingredient is 2 mg Menthol per drop (noartificial sweetener. she seems fine but I don't ( Full Answer )
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Who made the cough drops like Ricola?

Ricola is a type of throat and cough drop that is used to alleviate pain from coughing and a sore throat. Some of the other brands that are made like Ricola include: Lockets, ( Full Answer )
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What works better ricola or halls?

ricolas are the best. they have the more natural taste (made out of herbs) and in he long run are better .halls are quick relief but wont last that long