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Who makes Ridgid table saws?

Techtronic Industries (also known as TTi) makes Ridgid power tools which include battery, corded, pneumatic, benchtop, and stationary tools. ANS 2 -All Techtronic Industri (MORE)
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When purchasing a ridgid radio does it include the battery?

The radio does NOT include the battery or charger. It does though have a few features that most radios do not. Some of those feature include: iPod docking station that charges (MORE)
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Do RIDGID radios charge batteries?

NO! They work on either 120v (corded) or battery power. Will not charge a battery. It's one of the downfalls of the radio. Better keep a back-up battery handy. A fully charged (MORE)
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Where can you buy the Ridgid robo framing hammer with a molded grip?

you can't, they've been discontinued since around 2002-3, excellenthammer though. I had bought one new, lost it, then put an add oncraigslist to find another one. fortunately (MORE)
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Where can one get a discount on a Ridgid Shop Vac?

One of the best places to find discounts on a Rigid Shop Vac is Amazon as your will be able to find exactly what you are looking for whilst taking advantage of their great pri (MORE)
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Where can one buy a Ridgid pipe threader?

A Ridgid pipe threader is a tool that is used for plumbing. These can be purchased at stores such as Home Depot and Lowe's, but are also available online at Amazon and Ebay.
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Where can RIDGID power tools be found?

You might want to try your local hardware store, such as Sears or Home Depot. These stores usually have workers in each department that can help you find these power tools.