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Why are US politics so ridiculous?

  1. There is barely any new blood with congress. It's all old people with old ideas. 2. Alot of people in the government care about one thing $$$$$$$ 3. Our current s (MORE)

What does ridicule mean?

Ridicule means statements or expressions of mockery, extreme  disagreement, or rejection. Anything that is deserving of ridicule  is by definition ridiculous. did that help
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What is the meaning of ridiculous?

From the Latin ridiculus (laughable) ridiculous means worthy of derision or dismissal. Synonyms include absurd, ludicrous, inane, preposterous, or silly.
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How do you use the word ridiculous in a sentence?

The motorcyclist roared down the freeway at a ridiculous speed. He looked ridiculous in the duck costume that he wore to the Mardi Gras parade. Getting the work permit from th (MORE)