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What is a space rift?

A space rift is that event in space in which everything (even subatomic particles) gets torn apart due to the growing repulsion from dark energy destroying nearly every galaxy (MORE)
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What is a temporal rift?

A temporal rift is a tear in spacetime and an extremely dangerous temporal anomaly. Encounters with temporal rifts usually end with the vessel making contact with the rift bei (MORE)
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What is a rift basin?

Rift basins are depressions within the crust and lithosphere that are associated with extensional tectonics. The presence of active normal faulting itself, creates the accomod (MORE)

What is the axial rift?

A deep axial rift is a valley occurring at slow spreading mid-ocean ridges. The edges of such rifts are very rugged, and causing a good portion of the ocean floor to be cover (MORE)
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What are rifts?

Rifts are faults where two tectonic plates are diverging from each other. New crust is being created at rift zones. A rift is a noun and it means a break or crack in something (MORE)

What if a rift raft?

I once heard in a documentary about steamboats on the Mississippi river that while the wealthy could afford to travel on steamboats, poor people could not and used small rafts (MORE)

What is a rift zone?

  A large area of the earth in which plates of the earth's crust are moving away from each other, forming an extensive system of fractures and faults.
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What is rift volcanism?

A rift volcano is a volcano that is formed after magma has risen up  to the gap between divergent tectonic plates. These volcanoes form  near plate boundaries where the plat (MORE)