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Who or what are asylum seekers?

They are people who have left their country of origin because they are afraid of persecution. They've asked for permissions to live in a other country and are waiting for a de (MORE)

What is First Asylum and Second Asylum?

First Asylum is the first time the person has submitted a claim for  Asylum. A Second Asylum is made when the first asylum has been  denied due to lack of evidence. Second A (MORE)

Meaning of asylum?

Asylum is an institution offering shelter as well as support to  mentally ill people. It also means protection granted to someone  who has left his or her native country.
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Is asylum a verb?

No. An asylum is either a shelter or a place of protective custody, therefore it is a noun. A verb is a word that describes an action (run, walk, etc), a state of being (exis (MORE)

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