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In Sweden

Is it right that in Sweden the education is free?

Yes for Swedes it is. On a higher level you have to pay for books but that's it. If you come from another country outside of Europe and want to study on a higher level like (MORE)

Is education a right?

Education is a basic human right granted to every person by his or her government. Education is more of a necessity than a right because an uneducated person becomes a liabili (MORE)

Should education be a right or a previledge?

  Education is a right. Your parents make you go to school everyday dont they? Well, that is because you must go. The government made the schools so children can learn. Pr (MORE)

Should education be a fundamental right?

Opinion It would be nice for everyone to have it, and certainly makes life easier for those who enjoy civilization. However, education is a product/service dispensed by hum (MORE)

What is Right to education act in India?

The Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Act or Right to Education Act (RTE), which was passed by the Indian parliament on 4 August 2009, describes the modalitie (MORE)

How is education a property right?

Education is NOT a property right. That is utterly ridiculous! Education is not a tangible thing, its simply the process of obtaining knowledge, which is a concept of the mind (MORE)

What are the challenges of right to education?

Out-of-school children    According to the 2001 census, 8.5 crore children are out of school  in India. However, latest figures from the Human Resource  Development M (MORE)

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