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What is righteousness?

Righteousness as defined by many Bible scriptures is the state ofmoral perfection required by God to enter heaven. It is animportant concept in Christianity, Judaism, Islam, H (MORE)

What did the Lord credit to Abram as righteousness?

The Lord credited Abram's [or Abraham's] believing God as righteousness:- . Gen 15:3 And Abram said, Behold, to me thou hast given no seed: and, lo, one born in my house is (MORE)

What is the symbol for righteousness?

The link below shows the symbol. I tried to paste the symbol itself but it would not let me. The character is a combination of two smaller ones: "I" or "me" and "lamb". The wo (MORE)

What does righteousness mean?

The conviction that you are right (especially in matters of morality) and that those who disagree or are unable to live up to the standards you set are to be despised.

What is the righteousness of God?

Gods rightousness was manifested through Jesus Christ. Christ never sinned, he fulfilled the law of God. When we believe he died for our sins on the cross and that God raised (MORE)
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What is human righteousness?

Righteousness in its infinite entirety is an infinite spiritual power (say ISP)-- physics may call it a force of the forces; human rights doctrine may understand it as life of (MORE)

How would generosity affect righteousness?

Generosity affects righteousness because, well I think that in order to be generous, you would have to be righteous and holy and tight with God to know what He wants you to do (MORE)

What rhymes with righteousness?

The words that rhyme with righteousness are the following: less, weightlessness, hopelessness, caress, happiness,bless, guess, agreeableness, absentmindedness, absurdness, acc (MORE)

What is righteousness by faith?

Righteousness by faith is the concept that without faith we would not be justified. When we have faith we considered righteous in the eyes of Christ. Romans 3:22-- This righte (MORE)