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Why were the caliphs called rightly guided?

Only the first Four Caliphs are called the Rightly Guided Caliphsbecause they were the most near ones and loved ones of the HolyProphet SAW. They ruled according to the teachi (MORE)
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How did the rightly guided caliphs die?

The first Four Caliphs are Called the Rightful (Rashidoon) Caliphs.They were in order of seniority: Hazrat Abubakr who died hisnatural death. Hazrat Umar was assasinated in th (MORE)
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What was true of the rightly guided caliph?

Answer 1 (Shia view) True is that God selected Ali a.s. as Caliph but those 3 could get the power illegitimately by political methods. Quran says only God has the right to a (MORE)
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What is the truth of the rightly guided caliphs?

The first Four Caliphs are termed "Rashidoon" the Rightful. Thefirst two were the Fathers-in-Law of the Holy Prophet SAW and hisclosest friends and associates. The latter two (MORE)

What did the rightly caliphs do?

Having the power and leading the Muslims and receiving the huge tax and governmental income from 2/3 of the world. The Rightly-Guided Caliphs further extended the Islamic Emp (MORE)