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What rights do you have?

Citizens rights and responsibilities- political, legal and human rights that can change from being in the United Kingdom or within the EU, UN etc.

Is he right for you?

  Answer   This is a very good question and there are several ways of answering it, but I'll suggest this way.   Take a pen and paper. Write down his good qualities (MORE)

What are rights?

Rights refer to political, economic, social, and other advantages  to which someone has a just claim, morally or in law.    One official definition of the word rights is (MORE)

What is rightness?

  I assume that you mean righteousness. Righteousness is, very simply, leading a life that is pleasing to God.
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How right is it. is what?

Too right, Mr wright, not left, not wrong, rightio   what do u mean how right is what
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Why do you have rights?

This is a philosophical issue. Different societies extend different kinds of rights to their citizens. It is possible to argue that everyone has certain inalienable rights w (MORE)
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Is your answer right?

What was the question again? Answering questions is an art of its own, and some times the answer would be straight forward. Not left and not right. :-)
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Is the answer right?

Unless it can be proved one way or the other, we will never know if the answer is right. Only if you left the correct question.
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