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Can you walk on the rings of Saturn?

no, the rings of Saturn are made of ice and dust. we are way to dense and we will fall right through the rings, plus the ice particles are way too far away to jump on or anyth (MORE)
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Can you see the rings of Saturn with binoculars?

You need about 40x magnification to remotely see the rings around Saturn. If your Binoculars are 40x, you could see them.
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Can you stand on Saturns rings?

you could but you would be spinning very fast and get dizzy it would be hard to get of saturn's rings also
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What is the ring around Saturn made of?

The rings that surround Saturn are mainly made of ice particles, rocky debris and dust.
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How did the planet Saturn get its rings?

Saturn's rings probably formed when objects like comets, asteroids or even moons broke up in orbit around Saturn due to Saturn's very strong gravity.   The rocks that crea (MORE)

What is the hypothesis of the rings of Saturn?

There are three theories on how Saturn got its rings: 1. Gravitational disruption of satellites: Saturn's gravitational pull tears anything apart that gets too close, and the (MORE)

Why does Saturn have a ring around it?

  because it is a dimensional hazard caused by rocks to form a ring
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