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How did Rio de Janeiro get its name?

when the portuguese "colonos" first saw the guanabara bay, they thought it was the end of a river (Rio), and since that was in January (janeiro) they named the city they found (MORE)

Harbor of Rio de Janeiro?

The harbor of Rio de Janeiro is a bay that stretches 20 miles  inland. It is located in Brazil, South America and is surrounded by  mountains. The locals call the bay Guanab (MORE)

What can you do in Rio de Janeiro?

You can appreciate the wonderful landscape, visit the world's largest soccer stadium, get a nice tanned skin on the Copacabana beach, playing volleyball on the beach, visit th (MORE)

Who discovered Rio de Janeiro?

Ferdinand Magellan discovered Rio in 1512 on his voyage around the world and colonized it for Spain and it was later taken by Portugal.
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What does Rio de Janeiro means?

river of January, as the large, circumjacent Guanabara Bay was at first misrepresented as the mouth of a river, by its Portuguese discoverers, circa AD 1500.
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Who lives in the favelas in Rio de Janeiro?

In general, poorer people. Most favelas are around Rio de Janeiro though other cities have similar problems with housing. A large portion of the favela residents are migrants (MORE)

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