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What is a riot?

a riot is an uprising (sometimes violent) that is caused by undesirable circumstances. eg high taxes and low employment rates
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How do you survive a riot?

  Stay indoors and do not get involved at all.   Stay away from them. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure; if you're anywhere near a're either " (MORE)

What were the Réveillon riots?

Protests against bread prices and fear over wages and living conditions during the French Revolution were what the Réveillon riots of 1789 were about. Specifically, (MORE)

What were the nika riots?

The Nika Riots took place in Constantinople in 532. There was a lot of unrest at the time because of high taxes and wars. Politics in Constantinople was dominated by faction (MORE)
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Why is riot bad?

Property gets damaged, people get hurt/die, etc. They aren't good for much other than causing mayhem.
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What were the Gordon riots?

The Gordon Riots are also referred to as the No Popery Riots. They were a series of anti-Catholic riots that riled up London, England from 2 June to 9 June 1780. The riots wer (MORE)