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What is a riot?

a riot is an uprising (sometimes violent) that is caused by undesirable circumstances. eg high taxes and low employment rates
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What causes riots?

A Lack of RESPECT causes riots, fights, wars, and destruction.   You see when one side doesn't respect the other side and no one can see a compromise this is what starts a (MORE)
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What starts riots?

Debates and elections starts riots because some people hate the people who is getting elected.

Why was there a riot in Ephesus?

The Cult of Diana had their Temple in Ephesus. It was the center of their economy. When Paul, the Apostle came to town preaching the Gospel of Christ, people who were disillus (MORE)

What was the peninsula riot?

It refers to the riot that led to seven arrests when the band Sublime played their first show in a small club in Long Beach, California. Wikipedia--"They played their first s (MORE)

Why were there riots in merthyr?

The Merthyr Rising of 1831 was a violent climax to many years of the simmering unrest among the large working class population of the town in South Wales and the surrounding a (MORE)