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Why do riots happen in evony?

if riots take place in one of your cities, it is because your loyalty is at 0 over a certain period of time... to raise loyalty, click on your town hall and perform a comforti (MORE)

Was the Eureka stockade a riot or a revolution?

In essence, the Eureka Stockade was a rebellion which led to a revolution in how the diggers were represented in government. The Eureka Stockade was not a riot because there i (MORE)

What were the nika riots?

The Nika Riots took place in Constantinople in 532. There was a lot of unrest at the time because of high taxes and wars. Politics in Constantinople was dominated by faction (MORE)

What was the Bradford riots?

  The Bradford Riots were a short but intense period of rioting which began on July 7,2001 in Bradford, West Yorkshire, England. It occurred as a result of heightened tens (MORE)

Why was there Riots in England?

This is well debated in the UK. It was reported to have started because a man with a loaded gun was shot dead by the police after he was supposed to have fired on them. It tur (MORE)

What is the answer to 20c plus 5 equals 5c plus 65?

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