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What is a riser card?

A riser card is an expansion card that plugs into a motherboard and contains additional expansion slots. It is often used in low-profile systems to orient expansion cards para (MORE)

What are risers on a skateboard for?

Risers raise the board up so you don't get wheel bite (when you turn and the wheels stop against the board, ending in a face plant). They're similar to shock pads, which are m (MORE)

What is an electrical riser?

\nAn electrical riser diagram (also known as a "one-line" diagram) is a drawing that shows how an electrical system is designed by diagramming how the different components are (MORE)

What is bus riser?

Aka: riser card.. A riser card is a circuit board containing expansion slot(s) which allows expansion card(s) to be re-oriented and/or moved to another position relative to t (MORE)

What are motorcycle risers?

\n. \nRisers on a motorcycle are used to raise the handlebar. The handlebars are attached to the risers which in turn are attached to the front end of the bike. They are cyli (MORE)

What are Riser-boards?

Riser-boards are small circuit boards that attach to the motherboard, they attach to the pci slot or ISA (old) slot. These boards extent the motherboards capacity such as memo (MORE)

What is a heat riser?

A heat riser is a duct that allows heat to rise up from the exhaust manifold.. It's purpose is to warm the air being brought into the intake manifold preventing the freezing (MORE)
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What is water riser?

A water riser is a main vertical pipe intended to distribute water to multiple levels of a building or structure as a component of the fire suppression systems.