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Ramayana was written by drona or rishi?

Ramayana was originally authored by (Rishi or Maha Rishi hence Maharshi) Valmiki. Thereafter there are many who have rewritten Ramayana. Drona is a personality in Mahabhar (MORE)
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What is the difference between the word swami and rishi?

In Hinduism the word Swami is used for any person who takes sanyas (self renunciation) but may not be a scholar of scriptures or spiritualism. He often wears safforan colour (MORE)
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Who is called modern day rishi?

Several people, but the most notable is Deepak Chopra. He even has a book that eludes to this title of Modern Day Rishi, Return of the Rishi from 1991.
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Who is son is rishi kapoor?

Rishi kapoor is the son of Raj Kapoor. Ranbir kapoor is the son of Rishi Kapoor.
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What is Rishi Rich's real name?

Rishi Rich's birth name is Rishpal Singh Rekhi. Most people just refer him as his stage name, Rishi Rich. He's a music producer who's an English Indian.
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What does Rishi Kapoor offer?

Rishi Kapoor is a well known Bollywood actor from India. He is also a director and film producer. He is best known for starring in a film called "Mera Naam Joker" along with h (MORE)
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Where can one order Rishi tea?

Rishi tea can be found at online retailers such as Amazon, Vitamin Shoppe, and Chicago Coffees. Rishi Tea comes from Milwakuee, Wisconsin and sells kettle and their tea produc (MORE)
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Who is rishi achanta?

a sweet girl born on 2002 in tampa. she has, a described, gentlesisterwho is born on 2004 also in tampa. both of them were born inst. joseph's hospital
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What has the author Rishi Muni Dwivedi written?

Rishi Muni Dwivedi has written: 'Poverty and development programmes in India' -- subject(s): Government policy, Poverty, Public welfare
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What has the author Rekha Rishi written?

Rekha Rishi has written: 'A study comparing the occurence of sentence types in Punjabi motherese with English motherese'