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How do you assess and monitor risk?

Risk is assessed by various criteria. These are typically how likely something is to happen, how frequently it might happen, and how important an effect it could be. After jud (MORE)
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What are the four T's in risk assessment?

1.)Terminate the risk exposure>>by not purchasing the particular hazard substance at all, or discontinuing a particular product. 2.)Tranfere the risk >>can be tranfered to a t (MORE)

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What is a risk assessment in textiles?

A risk assessment in textiles is the same thing as a risk assessment in any other area of activity. It is the qualitative and quantitative evaluation of the risk posed to huma (MORE)
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What risk involves assessing?

Risk assessment deals with the chance of the exposure to injury or loss, because of a hazard or dangerous chance, or even loss of life. The assessment in therefore a risk in i (MORE)