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What is ritual abuse or ritual crime?

Ritual abuse is methodical. It often times uses indoctrination. This is meant to break the will of someone else. Ritual abuse may be defined as abuse repeated over an long amo (MORE)

What is a ritual?

A ritual is a ceremony in which the included actions, and the order in which they are done, is established and fixed. This includes religious as well as secular functions. (MORE)

Is curcumsition a ritual?

The vast majority of the proximately 15% of males that are circumcised are forced do so as a part of a religious or religiously based culture and there is usually a ritual inv (MORE)

What are the Cherokee rituals?

· The Cherokee have seven sacred ceremonies. Great new moon ceremony, Propitiation of Cementation ceremony , Bouncing Bush Cermony, First new moon of spring ceremony, Gree (MORE)
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Rituals of Islam?

Islam is based on five principles. 1 proclamation of oneness of God and Muhammad his messenger. 2 offering prayers five times aday. 3 offering alms to the poor( zakat) w (MORE)

What are the rituals of Christianity?

Christianity is not based on rituals. It is based on Jesus Christ. We believe that Jesus christ is the son of God, and by his great love, he humbled himself and came down and (MORE)

What is ritualized?

The systemic establishment of, adherence to, or observance of a routine or "ritual." As per religious studies, every religion regardless of deity or culture has specific obser (MORE)

What is a ritual spell?

A Ritual Spell card is a Spell card, that has a flame symbol next to the text "Spell card". It allows you to summon the Ritual Monster stated in the card text by sacrificin (MORE)

What rituals do Hebrews do?

They don't do occult rituals at all. Some Hebrew rituals involve lighting candles and breaking bread on Friday nights to welcome the Sabbath, having long festive meals with (MORE)