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What is the ritual of suttee?

Sati, or suttee, is when a woman in certain Asian countries sets herself on fire as part of her husband's funeral. Sometimes these women take a vow to do this when their husba (MORE)

What is the function of rituals?

It serves the purpose of reminding us of our History, Our Cultures and our believes. Way back in the day before people learnt how to write, keeping track of history was done t (MORE)

What are periodic rituals?

Periodic rituals are rituals that celebrate seasons in the year or commemorate specific historical events. Cyclical rituals tend to have impact on the entire society; they tak (MORE)

What are the rituals for Zoroastrianism?

They have various religious and social practices as does any religion. the basic ritual book is called the Zend Avesta ( do not confuse with Zen Buddhism) Solar and Fire worsh (MORE)

What was the coahuiltecans rituals?

The Coahuiltecan Indians had rituals that included ceremonies for  funerals and difficult times. They had ceremonies to celebrate the  seasons, boys coming of age, and war v (MORE)
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How are the animist rituals?

Animistic rituals celebrate the workings of the spirits that animate the world, or make them visible thereby reinforcing their existence. When spirits die or pass away ceremon (MORE)

What are the rituals of ilocano's?

Atang: An Ilocano appeasement ritualEven among the Ilocano sophisticates, there persists a belief in the existence of kaibaan or ansisit-tiny unseen spirits that proliferate a (MORE)

What are the Cherokee rituals?

· The Cherokee have seven sacred ceremonies. Great new moon ceremony, Propitiation of Cementation ceremony , Bouncing Bush Cermony, First new moon of spring ceremony, Green (MORE)
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Rituals of Islam?

Islam is based on five principles. 1 proclamation of oneness of God and Muhammad his messenger. 2 offering prayers five times aday. 3 offering alms to the poor( zakat) w (MORE)