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Which Tennis stadium is named after a world War 1 flying ace?

Roland Garros Stadium in Paris, France, where the French Open is played. Garros mounted a machine gun to fire forward through the propeller of his plane, the first to do so. I (MORE)

What is the division 1 football stadium minimum requirement?

15,000 30,000 The institution shall have averaged more than 17,000 in paid attendance per home football game in the immediate past four-year period, or the stadium utilized re (MORE)
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Is Arrowhead Stadium an indoor stadium?

No, it is an outdoor stadium. While the original plans called for a rolling roof that could cover Arrowhead and neighboring Kauffman Stadium, it was never built due to cost ov (MORE)

Smallest Division 1 football stadium?

The University of Idaho plays its football games in the "Kibbie Dome" which seats 16,000 fans (although the record attendance is 17,600, set in 1989 in a game against Boise St (MORE)

Where is Shea Stadium?

  Shea Stadium USED to be located in Flushing Meadow, New York.   However, the Mets moved into a new home, Citi Field, in 2009. Shea is now demolished.
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What is the plural for stadium?

If referring to a classical stadium, i.e. a semi-circular running track then the plural is stadia.   If referring to a modern-day multi-event stadium, then the plural is st (MORE)

What is a stadium?

A stadium is a running track, open field, or the like partly or  completely enclosed by rows of seats. Ancient Greek stadia  consisted of a running track enclosed by a tiere (MORE)