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What is pop riveting?

Pop riveting is a technique used to join together two pieces of  metal or plastic with rivets. A hole is drilled through both pieces  of metal, and the rivet is passed throu (MORE)
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What is a molly rivet?

A Molly Rivet is much like a standard rivet except the shank on a molly rivet mushrooms out to grip a hollow wall. they still require the use of a rivet gun, they just have a (MORE)

Rosie the Riveter came to symbolize?

Rosie represented the independence and capability of the American woman. I would also go so far as to add that it added a sense of strength to how the American people were vie (MORE)

Mode of failure of riveted joints?

1)Tearing of the plates between the hole if they are very near to each other 2)Tearing of plate betw.een the edge of the plate and rivet hole if the hole is too near the edg (MORE)

Riveting and welding?

  Riveting - when a solid fastener is placed in a drilled hole and expanded to hold an object in place. Welding - when a thin wire ('filler') is melted along with the ar (MORE)

What happened to rosie the riveter?

Rosie the Riveter was a symbol of World War I that paid respect to  the women who stepped up and took responsibility for the  countryâ??s production when their husbands, br (MORE)
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When was Rosie the riveter?

this slogan was used during WWll for working women in factories  while the men were fighting the war.
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Why are rivets heated to red hot temperature during riveting?

There are two reasons rivets are heated to red hot temperature  during riveting: to soften the metal so that the head on the  opposite side can be formed by hammering the me (MORE)