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Who is the owner of the RMS Queen Elizabeth ship?

"RMS Queen Elizabeth" (1940-1972) was destroyed by fire in 1972. Up until 1969 she was owned by the famous Cunard Line. Her replacement, "Queen Elizabeth 2", was also operat (MORE)

What are facts about Queen Elizabeth 2?

She married Phillip Mountbatten, Duke of Edinbrgh in 1949. She like to watch wrestling, do cross word puzzles, ans read mysteries. The Queen is a dog lover her favorite do (MORE)

Did Queen Elizabeth 2 have boyfriends?

No. She met Prince Philip when he was a Naval cadet in 1939, when she was 13, and was immediately attracted to him. The meeting had been arranged by his uncle, Mountbatten, wh (MORE)

What are Queen Elizabeth 2 achievements?

Princess Elizabeth Alexandra Mary is the queen of 16 independent states, which are known as the Commonwealth realms. She was born in London on 21st April 1926, declared as the (MORE)

Does queen Elizabeth 2 go to church?

Yes, Queen Elizabeth II is the head of the Church of England and of  Scotland. She attends church on a regular basis, be it in England  on abroad. Official churches for the (MORE)

Does Queen Elizabeth 2 have a daughter?

Yes, she has one daughter, Princess Anne, who was born in 1950 and was her second child. Within the past decade, the laws of succession to the English throne have changed to g (MORE)

Who will become queen after Elizabeth 2?

After Queen Elizabeth 2, the next female in line for the throne and to be queen is Princess Beatrice of York. The queen's, Prince Charles, is next in line for the throne and s (MORE)