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Who is the owner of the RMS Queen Elizabeth ship?

"RMS Queen Elizabeth" (1940-1972) was destroyed by fire in 1972. Up until 1969 she was owned by the famous Cunard Line. Her replacement, "Queen Elizabeth 2", was also operat (MORE)
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Where is the RMS Queen Mary located?

The RMS Queen Mary is a now retired liner that is located in the port of Long Beach, California. The ship used to sail across the North Atlantic Ocean and was operated by Cuna (MORE)

Who was Queen Mary?

  Mary, Queen of Scots (1542-1587), was queen of France and Scotland and claimant to the throne of England. As the rival of Elizabeth I, she was perhaps the last real hope (MORE)

Why was Mary Queen of Scots executed?

Mary Queen Of Scots was executed by her second cousin Elizabeth. At first Elizabeth didn't want to sign the death warrant, then finally when the warrant was showed to her fo (MORE)

Why did Mary queen of Scots become queen?

Mary Queen of Scots became Queen of Scotland by being the only legitimate child of her father James V of Scotland. She had an older half brother and sister but they were illeg (MORE)

What is RMS Queen Mary's Top Speed?

When Normal Cruises, it has a top speed of 28.5 Knots but when it regained the blue riband of the atlantic , it reached 29.64 knots, 30 knots and 31.69 Knots

Was Mary queen of Scots a good queen?

Mary Queen of Scots was a highly-educated, strikingly beautiful  woman, but she was not considered a good Queen. She was suspected  in helping James Hepburn orchestrate the (MORE)