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How does a firearm silencer silence the firearm?

Generally speaking, it has baffles inside that trap the gases. See the associated link for diagrams. ADDING: Oh, and silencers are not really "silent" either. Most of them ma (MORE)

What is undue inducement?

"Undue" means excessive. "Inducement" means some form of  persuasion, usually of a positive ("If you do this, good things  will happen") rather than a negative ("If you do n (MORE)

What is induced magnetism?

In the simplest terms, Induced Magnetism is the magnetism of an object as a result of an external influence. Typically, the external influence is a magnetic field due to anoth (MORE)

Sentence with inducement?

Inducement is something that encourages something to happen. For  example, labor inducement is when the doctor uses medicine to  encourage a baby to be born at a specific ti (MORE)

Can revolvers be silenced?

Most revolver designs cannot be suppressed. The gap between the front of the cylinder and the rear of the barrel permits a large amount of gas to vent, which will still create (MORE)

Can a magnum be silenced?

It can be suppressed somewhat, but the loud report of the magnum round surpassing the speed of sound causes it to make a mini sonic boom, defeating the entire enterprise. You (MORE)
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How do rna and messenger rna relate?

mRNA, or messenger RNA is a type of RNA responsible for carrying a copy of DNA from the nucleus to the ribosomes. There are 3 types of RNA - mRNA, tRNA and rRNA. tRNA (transfe (MORE)

What is a induced voltage?

Induced voltage happens through induction. When a wire goes through  a magnetic field a voltage is induced across its ends.   The basic equation is Ampere's law: Curl E = (MORE)