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What is a road?

road transport are  highways , bridleways or bridle paths, or carriageways, used by people, cars to move from one point to another as a means of communication
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What is The Road Not Taken about?

Looking back through the decisions you made in your live, there may have been one where your did choose the unconventional but - in the end or for you your hopes - ideal op (MORE)

Are residential roads side roads?

The term 'residential streets' is not necessarily synonymous with the meaning of 'side roads.' The term "side roads" as used in DMV regulations is generally a reference to tho (MORE)

Is silk road a road?

Technically, yes - but not a single stretch of road. The Silk road was a network of posts in which the Chinese and other Asians could trade easily.
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What is the longest road in roman roads?

The longest Roman road was the Via Augusta (or Via Herculea or Via Exterior) in Spain. it started at the Pyrenees Mountains on the northern frontier of the province, follow (MORE)
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What is road transport or road transportation?

Road transport and road transportation differ in such away that the first one is a British English and the latter is an American English. Both of them have the same meaning wh (MORE)