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What is gatch road?

  Gatch road, as seen in UAE and KSA desert areas is an improved sand road that has been lightly overlaid with a local limestone material called gatch. Teh result is a sur (MORE)
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What is wmm road?

For construction and repairing of National Highways up to the stage of laying of bitumen, water bound macadam (WBM) would be replaced by wet mix macadam (WMM) . Although WMM (MORE)
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What is banking of road?

It provides necessary centrpetal force to avoid skidding while moving on curved path/road.  * The outer edge of road of width d at curved path is above at a height h with res (MORE)
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What is The Road Not Taken about?

Looking back through the decisions you made in your live, there may have been one where your did choose the unconventional but - in the end or for you your hopes - ideal op (MORE)

What is a bituminous road?

  Bitumenous road is a road construct by using bitumenous. It also called flexible pavment because it change its shape according to nature of load and sub base. This type (MORE)

Rules of the road?

Rules of the road are the general practices and procedures that road users are required to follow. These rules usually apply to all road users, though they are of special impo (MORE)
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What is road transport or road transportation?

Road transport and road transportation differ in such away that the first one is a British English and the latter is an American English. Both of them have the same meaning wh (MORE)

What is a banked road?

  A banked turn is the term used to describe a car riding along a circle with inclined edges. The angle at which a turn is banked refers to the angle of http://www.answers (MORE)
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What is road trauma?

Road trauma is a term used in medical settings to describe someone  who was hurt while driving or was hurt by a driver. This could be a  car accident or a child who was hit (MORE)

Were there roads in 1805?

No, people just wandered aimlessly through the forests until they found their destination. Most died in the forest before rotting into a nothingness where animals ate their re (MORE)