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Why are road rage increasing?

Because more drivers are becoming impatient with road delays in  general.    Perhaps a metaphor (extended) will help paint the picture.    Say you have a three (MORE)
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What are the 3 types of road rage?

Definition of Road Rage: the habit of aggressive driving as a permanent style of behaving behind the wheel. There are three types: 1. Verbal Road Rage: yelling, cussing, gestu (MORE)

What are the three types of road rage?

There are three distinctive types of Road Rage: The ones we easily recognise: The Epic: Cutting off the other driver, Chasing, fighting, Blocking, weapons. The Verbal: C (MORE)

Is road rage a criminal offense?

Yes, road rage is a criminal offense especially if it results to injury or damage to another person. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), (MORE)

A speech on road rage?

When giving a speech on road rage, you can give a few examples of  these situations. The rest of the speech should be positive and  give ways to avoid these situations.

Road rage is an example of?

Anger and control issues. It has much less to do with manners . To improve on the above-mentioned statement, road rage is also an example of aggressive driver behavior, which (MORE)

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