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What is a characteristic of robber barons?

Robber barons where men such as big tycoons who held monopolies over others, meaning robber barons where greedy/selfish people who did not give back to society or treat people (MORE)

Were the industrialists Robber Barons or Savvy Entreneurs?

  The industrialists were no different than anyone else, in that they were out to make money. They saw a means of doing so via efficiencies and innovation as opposed to 40 (MORE)

Is Henry Ford a Robber Baron?

 No, Ford is not considered a robber baron; rather, he's known as a captain of industry. He didn't engage in trust agreements (which were illegal) or consolidation. He in no (MORE)

What did the robber barons do?

Robber Barons were wealthy businessmen who were known to use harsh  practices to gain their wealth. They often used child or cheap  labor, did not adhere to safety regulatio (MORE)

Why was robber baron important?

Robber barons were important because their terrible actions led to  improvements. The union movement came about because of the way  robber barons treated workers. This led t (MORE)

Where did the term robber barons come from and what does it mean?

This goes back to the Dark and Middle Ages in Europe when law and order were not well established. Barons were a lower grade of noblemen who did not always have land. Some of (MORE)
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What were the medieval robber barons?

Robber barons were those men that had sworn an oath to the King or  reigning noble in their individual states or Duchies. They had gone  to war for their liege and returned (MORE)

What was the pros and cons of the robber barons in the US?

In speaking about the so-called US 19th century robber barons, such  as Rockefeller and Carnegie, their results were two-fold. They  created millionaire dynasties and were a (MORE)