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Is Robbie Amell ticklish?

VERY!!! He has extremely ticklish soles and toes......filming american pie beta house the two girls in bed with him tickled his barefeet merciless making him laugh so much!!!! (MORE)

How did Heather Robertson daughter of Cliff Robertson die?

She died of ovarian cancer. She was diagnosed in early 2006 and had surgery and numerous treatments. She fought bravely, with class and never gave up. She was a proud lady w (MORE)

How old is Robbie from Jessie?

Robby is 13 years old. He is from the show called Jessie. He is from India and was adopted from Kristina Ross. He has a lizard named Mr.Kibbling.
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Who owns robbie the robot?

A man named Fred Barton. Robbie wasn't in good shape when he first got him. But he fixed him up where he's up and running. There's this show called Hollywood Treasure, on the (MORE)